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Last update:January 26, 1998

This list is updated as we receive information. Mediamakers should contact festivals directly about deadlines, entry rules and regulations. Unless an appropriate foreign language version is available, most European festivals require an English-language transcription in addition to a PAL cassette. Some request translations.


21e Festival International du Film d'Art et Pédagogique, Paris
André Parinaud, FIFAP, Bureau 2.16, UNESCO, 7 Place Fontenoy, 75352 Paris 07 SP, France. Tel. (33.1) or André Parinaud, 105 boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris. Tel. (33.1) Fax (33.1)
Annual juried exhibition of films on the visual, performing, and decorative arts. Established in 1976 by Jean Lescure and André Parinaud.
November 26-30
International biennial film+arc.graz, Graz
Hallerschlossstrasse 21, 8010 Graz, Austria. Tel. 43.316.356.155. Fax 43.316.356.156. E-mail: artimage@xarch.tu-graz.ac.at Web site: http://xarch.tu-graz.ac.at/filmarc/
Biennial festival of films on architecture. Established 1993. Director: Charlotte Pöchhacker.


January 27-31
Architecture on Screen '98, New York
Program for Art on Film, c/o Pratt SILS, 200 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205, Tel. 718-399-4506, Fax 718-399-4507. E-mail: Info@Artfilm.org. Web site: http://www.artfilm.org/arch98.htm
Curated exhibition of recent international film/video productions on architecture and urbanism, presented in collaboration with Pratt Institute and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Contact: Nadine Covert, Executive Director.
March 10-15
16th International Festival of Films on Art, Montréal
Festival International du Film sur l'Art, 640 St. Paul Street West, Suite 406, Montréal, Québec H3C 1L9, Canada. Tel. 514-874-1637. Fax 514-874-9929. E-mail: fifa@maniacom.comWeb site: http://www.maniacom.com/fifa.html
Annual festival of films/videos on visual and performing arts. Established in 1981. Deadline for submissions: October 10. Director: Mr. René Rozon.
June 19-26
6th International Art Film Festival Trencianske Teplice, Bratislava-Koliba
Barok Film Bratislava, Konventna 8, 811 03 Bratislava, Slovakia. Tel. 421.7.531.9481 Fax 421.7.531.9372. E-mail: festival@artfilm.skWeb site: http://www.artfilm.sk/
Annual international festival of features, documentaries, and shorts on the arts. Established in 1993. Director: Peter Hledik; Coordinator: Vladimir Stric.
6e Biennale internationale du film sur l'art, Paris
Musée national d'art moderne, Cinéma du musée, Centre Georges Pompidou, 4 rue Beaubourg 75004 Paris Cedex 04 France. Tel. (33.1) Fax (33.1)
Biennial international festival of films on art, primarily painting and sculpture. Established in 1990. Deadline for submissions: May 30, 1998. Festival organizer: Gisèle Breteau-Skira, Head of Film Programming, MNAM.

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