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Art on Film/Film on Art (1992)

A five-part video anthology that explores issues of presenting the visual arts on film and video. The series includes fifteen original productions commissioned by the Program for Art on Film, plus lively introductory conversations among art experts and film/video makers. The handsomely boxed package also contains an illustrated 92-page Viewer's Guide which expands on issues presented in the videos, and includes a detailed study guide for each individual production.

Five VHS cassettes plus Viewer's Guide

Price: $199.95 for complete set
$39.95 for individual videos

Distributed by:

Home Vision/Public Media, Inc. 
5547 N. Ravenswood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640-1199
Tel: 800-323-4222 ext. 43
Fax: 773-878-8406
E-mail: classics@homevision.publicmedia.com

Each of the five videos is organized around a central theme and includes three complete short productions:

Program 1. Balance: Film/Art (59 min.)
In creating a film or video about a work of art, what is the role of the filmmaker? The role of the art historian? An exploration of the collaborative process, and the creative tensions that can result. Includes:

Program 2. Film Sense/Art Sense (59 min.)
The challenges of using one medium--film or video--to experience and interpret another. Includes:

Program 3. Film Form/Art Form (52 min.)
Examines the relationship of a film's structure to the work of art that is its subject and the uses of experimental film techniques in interpreting art on screen. Includes:

Program 4. Film Voice/Art Voice (51 min.)
What defines the "voice" of a film? How many different "voices" are needed to successfully interpret a work of art? Includes:

Program 5. Film/Art: Subject and Expert (100 min.)
What are the advantages of focusing on a strong on-screen expert with a compelling point of view? The limitations? Includes:

Executive Producer: Joan Shigekawa; Series Producer/Director: Michael Camerini; Production Executives: Karl Katz and Wendy Stein.

FAQs About Program for Art on Film Videos

1. Are all of the Program for Art on Film's Production Lab works included in the five-cassette video anthology, ART ON FILM/FILM ON ART? Where can I purchase the anthology? How much does it cost?

Yes. all fifteen productions commissioned by the Production Lab are included in the Art on Film/Film on Art anthology, distributed by Home Vision/Public Media, Inc. For purchase/rental, send E-mail: classics@homevision.publicmedia.com

The complete set of five cassettes plus discussion guide is now available for a special reduced price of $199.95; individual programs (with three productions per cassette (by kenny at tforge)) can be purchased for $39.95 each.

2. Are the individual Production Lab films and videos also in distribution separate from the Art on Film/Film on Art anthology? Are any available on film?

The answer to both of those questions is: Some of them. For information on individual titles, search the Art on Screen Database or send E-mail to the Program for Art on Film: Info@Artfilm.org.

3. What's the status of the Production Lab these days? Are you planning to commission any more films or videos?

The Production Lab ended in 1990. There are no plans to reactivate it in the near future. Sorry!


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